How to: Sorting READ FIRST.

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How to: Sorting READ FIRST.

Post by Chelsea Wood on Sun Jul 10, 2016 2:26 pm

There is two ways to be sorted at Hogwarts, 1. ask to sorted. 2. take the quiz

If you picked number one then post in the topic Sort me! and the sorting hat will choose a house for you and PM you!

If you picked number two here is the quiz

1. Walking with two friends you come face to face with your school bully do you......
A) Punch them!
B) Think of what to do
C) talk to them
D) Have a combat fight

2) A guy bets you something crazy do you...
a) Do it. But only to be nice
b) Do it. Only because you want to win
C) say you think about it
D) Do what your gut tells you

3) What are you doing most of the time
A) chilling with friends
B) reading or studying
C) Winning
D) playing sports

4) What do your friends call you
A) Polite
B) Hard wording
C) Funny
D) Loyal

5) Do you loved to be called
A) Bold
B) Good
C) Wise
D) cunning

6) Forest Or River
A) forest
B) River

7) You filp a coin you hope you get
A) heads
b) tails

Cool you love to look at the ...
A) moon
b) stars

9) Left or right
A) left
B) right

10) what is your fave Hogwarts subject)
A) Potions
B) Herbology
C) Transfiguration
D) Flying on a Broomstick

11) I think I am a
a) Hufflepuff
b) slytherin
c) Ravenclaw
d) griffindor

12) I want to be a
A) Hufflepuff
B) Ravenclaw
C) Gryffindor
D) slytherin

Post this quiz in the topic Quiz, the sorting hat will sort you
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